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camouflage the famous abstract artist
Thought of the Day
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Health care should be a right for every single man, woman and child in the United States of America,
-------------------- "
said Bernie.
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Hey you, Sanders-nistas:
Become doctors and nurses and work for free so I can have free health care! Tell Bernie. He can start volunteering at a local hospital cleaning after patients,

-------------------- "
said Camouflage.
camouflage the famous abstract artist

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Radical Destabilization

With her photographs and art installations, Camouflage: the Famous American Abstract Artist, seeks to shake up viewers through optical stimulus, prompting them to reconsider the present and generate a system breakdown of sorts where new meanings can be rebuilt and refined.

War on Women


With their ridiculous ass-think pieces and radical, dehumanizing opinions, Vogue magazine is a war on women. Vogued will be presenting fashion inspired by the images of ass-think pieces from Vogue.

Check out our first look.

Tax the Rich!

Rev Up Your Engines and Tax the Rich!

Tax the Rich at 75% like they did in France!

Dear Progressive Citizen:

The Republican machine provides a plan for a new world based on tax cuts for the rich while our country spirals into unprecedented economic depression. Democrats need to present a vision that is clear and bold:

  • The rich have to pay their share;
  • Capitalism does not work.

Join Let the rich pay their share.




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