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Has Donald Trump Committed Political Suicide?

Great article on this subject by Joshua Green.

I agree with Mr. Green: signing the pledge was a mistake. Trump’s support is among the poor and the little people, not among the GOP. The GOP will throw Trump under the bus and his core supporters, the little people, will leave him.

I predict that by October you will hear and see less of Trump, and by January, he will have about 5% support. He is already being seen as a flipper and an opportunist. Signing the pledge only reinforces this bad image. If he walks away from the pledge, nobody will ever trust him again, not even his core supporters.

The only way for Donald Trump to make America great again is to start his own party and send people to Congress in 2018. However, I don’t think he is interested in making any changes. Making America Great Again is just sales pitch. I think that the game is over: Reince Priebus 1, Donald Trump 0.


John McCain exposed by Vietnam Vets and Pow's

The Clinton Chronicles

Full blown drug smuggling, money laundering, womanizing, political favors, killing those who talked.

Partial List of Clintons' Murders: what has happened to many "friends" of the Clintons.

Hijacking of America

I'm dangerous!

Mother Jones, paid and sponsored by the 1%, blocked me, the Famous Detroit Abstract Artist, from posting on their site, as a punishment for posting a link to the above video on the Clintons. I posted it in the comments section of their article “Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Collide in Best Conspiracy Story Ever” written by Kevin Drum, who slaves for the 1%. But don't feel sorry for Kevin Drum. He, like his 1% bosses, likes to opress.

mother jones

Bernie Sanders the Pervert

Tragedy on the American Left as liberals discover that Bernie Sanders isn’t awesome.

Bernie Sanders: abusive sex fantasies. Women like being gang raped.

Bernie Sanders gets mostly silence from liberal media after his rape fantasy article is unearthed.

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.” “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

Michael Briggs, who is Sanders' spokesman, gave a lame explanation: "This was a dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication intended to attack gender stereotypes in the 1970s, and it looks as stupid today as it was then." By “alternative” Sanders probably means socialist/communist; what else is there? However, the piece was not stupid then, as Birggs asserts, otherwise the progressives wouldn’t publish it. Certainly, Briggs isn’t telling us that progressives are stupid.  

Megyn Kelly is a Broad
Megyn Kelly, looks like a slut, doesn’t she.

After August 6th GOP debate, leftist guest on Howard Stern, Megyn Kelly, who under the order from the Fox executives attacked Donald Trump, is a toast.

Instead of asking Trump about China, NAFTA or TPP trade deals, she wanted to know how Trump was going to deal with Hilary if in the past he called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals”. Here it is. Context is very important. My mother called me a pig too because I wouldn’t clean my room.

The best, though, came when Fox News accused Trump of giving money to the Clintons “non-profit”. Fox gave over $3M to the Clintons.

It is clear that Murdoch-Koch Fox media wants Donald Trump out.