ReInvention of Art -- Camouflage -- The Famous Detroit Abstract Artist is the Master of Cool





In this section we will be reporting the bias of the media. Have you notice that every time there is a child abuse case where homosexuals abuse children, it is NEVER reported as such. For example, homosexuals in the Catholic Church are referred to as simply “priests”. I hope you all know that homosexuality is considered a sin in Catholicism and homosexuals are not allowed to be priests. Thus, we all have to ask why are there so many homosexuals in the Church? And the next question is, why is the Church not purging its ranks from homosexuals?



jeniffer granholm


the Canadian Psycho, Jennifer Granholm, Votes for Obama

Meet one of the Dummies who are now regulars at the Democratic Party: Jenifer Granholm. In place of facts she offers Hitleresque Orgasm. During the 2012 Democratic Convention, Jennifer Granholm paraded in front of the adoring crowd and ignited a blaze among the nation's mentally dull and challenged.

Jennifer Granholm's Hitleresque Orgasm is available now.



The Depraved

Slimy actor Aaron Paul, a character in Breaking Bad show that only intellectually-challenged watch, wants Toys R Us to sell a line of Breaking Bad Action figures, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth... more.




Shit Star

Today, you’re nobody unless you’re a piece of shit... more.



obama hugs nina pham


A liar Barak Obama looks flawless all made up when he pretends to embrace Ebola patient to show that no-one had anything to fear AFTER she was successfully cured of Ebola.

A liar Obama condemned New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie for forcing a nurse, Kaci Hickox, who cared for Ebola patients, into a quarantine tent after she returned from Africa's disaster zone and had 101-degree fever at the airport.

'America in the end is not defined by fear – that's not who we are,' the liar said, calling for 'new monitoring and movement guidance that is sensible'.