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Thought of the Day

Free Health Care for All!

camouflage the famous abstract artist

Hey you, Sanders-nistas:
Become doctors and nurses and work for free so I can have free health care!

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War on Women


With their ridicules ass-think pieces and radical opinions, Vogue magazine is a war on women. Vogued will be presenting fashion inspired by the images of ass-think pieces from Vogue. Check our first look.

Nonprofit Corruption

Michigan Community Resources Executive Arrested After Years Of Stealing From the Fund for The Poor

In one of the most deplorable cases of embezzlement in recent history, Dalton Roberson Jr., 42, the son of a prominent former Wayne County judge, and his wife, Jakeema Roberson, 41, were caught diverting large sums of money from the fund for the poor.

Our Freedoms

Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick and Freedom of Speech

The proof that people don’t know what the freedom of speech means is all over the media again. For example, the one and only, mixed-race Barack Obama thinks that the First Amendment applies to the actions by the mixed-race quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Well, if the Supreme Court rules that it does indeed apply, it will be an unprecedented decision.


People behind #OscarsSoWhite are racists!

Photo credit : racist Marie Claire magazine.

The spoiled and ignorant Hollywood millionaires behind “Oscars so white” are an example of a deep-seated cultural malady and racism.

Bernie Sanders the Pervert
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Bolshevik sexual pervert, stated that Bill Clinton’s dark past of sexual abuse is not important and the presidential candidate, Donald Trump, should busy himself with real issues, such as climate change.

Hijacking of America

Camouflage - the Famous Detroit Abstract Artist is dangerous!

Mother Jones, paid and sponsored by the 1%, blocked me, the Famous Detroit Abstract Artist, from posting on their site, as a punishment for posting a link to the above video on the Clintons. I posted it in the comments section of their article “Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Collide in Best Conspiracy Story Ever” written by Kevin Drum, who slaves for the 1%. But don't feel sorry for Kevin Drum. He, like his 1% bosses, likes to opress.

mother jones
Camouflage - the Famous Detroit Abstract Artist banned from Mother Jones
Bernie the Scam Artist

Leaked Emails From Democratic Party Officials

Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders says he will do everything to help Hillary win the election.

The progressives are angry at Hillary and the Democratic Party for “cheating” Bernie Sanders the Scammer of the White House. They don’t want to accept the fact that Bernie is part of the rigged system. He profited from it wonderfully, never having to work a day in his life.

The Clinton Chronicles

Full blown drug smuggling, money laundering, womanizing, political favors, killing those who talked.

Partial List of Clintons' Murders: what has happened to many "friends" of the Clintons.

Lying Media

Lying media is owned by the 1%

Ieshia Evans protest photo in Baton Rouge is staged. But who paid for it?

Ieshia Evans calls herself a "Vessel of God", while Daily News calls this picture "iconic". We agree, Evans is a vessel of something, but is it God?

Ieshia Evans, 35, a black, presumably an unmarried mother of a five-year-old boy, travels all the way from New York to Baton Rouge (about 1000 miles) to bravely protests the police for killing of a convicted sex offender felon with a violent temper, who had six arrests for battery, two domestic violence charges, multiple illegal weapons charges, and who had fought with police over weapons before, black guy named Alton Sterling.

Radical Left

"Disarm the Police" of New York run to armed police for help like cowards they are

It is illegal to burn anything in Front Greene Park, the haters found a loophole and used a barbecue grill, which is allowed.

American flag burning, leftis radicals of Disarm the Police in New York, run to armed "pigs" for protection. Their blatant hypocrisy is visible on their facebook page – there is nothing there about how they run to police they despise so much for help.

Megyn Kelly is a Broad

August 6th GOP debate

Megyn Kelly, looks like a liberal, doesn’t she?

Howard Stern's guest, Megyn Kelly, who under the order from the Fox executives attacked Donald Trump, is a toast.

Instead of asking Trump about China, NAFTA or TPP trade deals, she wanted to know how Trump was going to deal with Hilary if in the past he called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals”. Here it is. Context is very important. Your mother called you a pig too because you I wouldn’t clean your room.

The best, though, came when Fox News accused Trump of giving money to the Clintons “non-profit”. Fox gave over $3M to the Clintons.

It is clear that Murdoch-Koch Fox media wants Donald Trump out.

Black Lives Matter

Black Live Matters chanting: "What do we want, dead cops! When do we want it? NOW!!!"

They surely got their wish answered.

"Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon"

A "Black Power" protester in Dallas.

The Dallas Black Lives Matters marchers were chanting, "Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon". Later when the shooting started, they were ducking behind the” Pigs” they’ve just wanted to fry like bacon.

Diversity or Racism?

The Tonys has just showed Everybody how Diversity should NOT be done

Photo credit: racist Marie Claire magazine.

#TonysSoNoDiverse is trending.

In the year of racist #OscarsSoWhite now we have racist #TonysSoDiverse.

The racist Marie Claire magazine writes, “the Tonys responded by honoring four actors of color with major performance awards.”

Do you see four actors of color or do you see four Black actors? And where are the Slavs at the Tonys? Nowhere to find. I guess, we don’t exist. Not that I want us, Slavs, to be part of that Hollywood sewage.

Fake Hate Crimes

Another true racist Democrat exposes himself

If Barack Obama had a son, he would be like Clive Higgins.

Clive Higgins, a police officer from Bridgeport, was so  angry at the lack of racism in his unit that he decided to do something about it - he wrote a racist hate letter against himself.

John McCain

John McCain exposed by Vietnam Vets and Pow's





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