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So you've heard that Camouflage is  the Master of Cool 

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Art by Camouflage – The Famous American Abstract Artist

 Camouflage, the famous American Abstract Artist

Nowhere in press release was there ANY mention made of the fact that Camouflage is an ultra-liberal woman, a vital fact to the analytical interpretation of almost all of her work.

Her uncompromising self-identification as a ultra-liberal and carefully constructed left-wing image explains, to a large extent, why her art has perturbed would-be censors, and confused critics.

Simply, her work has been viewed historically as "too liberal" and thus, "too perverse" within the predominantly homosexist, heterosexist, racist, fascist, misogynistic canon of modern North American art.


Art in Detroit

camouflage art
A rhythm of the universe
It’s about having a moment of suspension.
camouflage art
Collective happiness
Prozac nation in the post-industrial era.
camouflage art
Portraits of...
Three trees at the gates of Paradise.

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