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March, 2018

Writers for the "Daily Kos" for True Democrat needed

True Liberals and Democrats need to speak out

"They call it 'progressive.'"

ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT

Want to work at the Reinvention of Art? Of course you do.

Reinvention of Art ( is growing. We are looking for clever, funny, bitchy, profound, intellectually ravenous, compelling, master storytellers, critics of cultures, bullshit spotters and politickers to take our publication to the next level. You can be as mean as possible, but don’t cross the line. You don’t need to have pink hair. You can pen stories under a pseudonym, which will give you the freedom to write as satirical as possible.

We are not the Onion, so our stories are not fictional.

Reinvention of Art is run by Camouflage – the Famous American Abstract Artist.

Here, at Reinvention of Art, you will be taking down the Democratic Party (the most top-down political party in the USA), Hollywood culture and all other totalitarians and totalitarian organizations that masquerade as liberals. We don’t want any articles critical of the Republican Party or the so-called right because there are already a million and one of media organizations doing it: ABC, CNN, CBS, Daily Kos, Democracy Now, FOX, Huffington Post, LA Time, MSNBC, Media Matters, Mother Jones, NBC, New York Time, PBS, Rolling Stone... and the list goes on.

Camouflage - the Famous American Abstract Artist had her - Daily Kos for True Democrats - inspiration moment when she attended a meeting of the Democratic Party. During that meeting, the career politicians came with the clever idea of galvanizing the party's base by trying to create the TEA Party movement for the Democratic Party.

That meeting happened in 2016.

The original TEA Party movement is an independent, conservative grassroots movement aimed at establishment Republicans. (It has nothing to do with tea. TEA is a backronym for Taxed Enough Already).

Here, at the Democratic Party, the establishment, in the usual top-down fashion, wants to create a fake revolution for its members so the members can have an illusion that they too are draining the swamp.

Reinvention of Art is not just a satirical publication. We will be taking on the system. We will take on the entrenched Left’s establishment and undress them for everyone to see what’s behind the dress of social justice talk.

Camouflage was an enthusiastic supporter of the Daily Kos, and the Daily Kos was an enthusiastic supporter of George Bush’s critic Cindy Sheehan. However, once Cindy Sheehan pointed out that one and only Barack Obama wasn't that different from Bush, they blacked her out. Shame on you Daily Kos!

This is the call for true Democrats. DINOs and Fake Greens do not apply.

Freelance Writers for the "Daily Kos" for True Democrats.

To apply send us your short bio with samples. You also need to include:

  • A list of 4 headlines on a topic you would like to write.
  • An article for one of the topics.

Email: jobs (at)

P.S. In case it’s not clear. We are not starting a new site called the Daily Kos for True Democrats. You will be writing for the Reinvention of Art about issues that the Daily Koss or Mother Jones should write but don’t, as they support the establishment. So sad.

ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT