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by Camouflage - the Famous American Abstract Artist
April, 2018

Discover why Jesus created you

Religious Nonsense

a distorted and ignorant belief

Gratiot Street in Detroit

As you drive along Gratiot Street in Detroit, you are treated to the insights of some Christians. For instance, they believe that Jesus created humans. The sign reads, “Discover why Jesus created you – (read) the Holly Bible.”

This group unequivocally issued the statement that Jesus created us. Saying so doesn’t make it so. A religious creed may contain anything its originators see fit to include; however once set in, it’s set in, and it cannot be changed.

I’m not sure what they teach now in Christian Churches, and I don’t know what denomination this particular Church is, but, my dear friends, stating that Jesus created us is a slap in the face to the great man who died on the cross. This statement goes against the very teaching of the original Church.

Have this group ever read the Genesis? According to the teachings, Jesus didn’t create humans. It was God who created the Earth and the living things, not Jesus if you believe this story in the first place.

This is a perfect example of a distorted and ignorant belief on top of the already established believes.

One more group spouting patronizing religious nonsense.


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