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BBarack Obama, Colin Kaepernick and Freedom of Speech
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The proof that people don’t know what the freedom of speech means is all over the media again. For example, the one and only, mixed-race Barack Obama thinks that the First Amendment applies to the actions by the mixed-race quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Well, if the Supreme Court rules that it does indeed apply it will be an unprecedented decision.

Kaepernick’s contract is about to end so he has made himself visible by not standing during the national anthem before San Francisco's games. It could be a strategic move by Kaepernick - if his contract is not renewed he could accuse everybody of racism.

Although Obama has never had time to acknowledge when soldiers died for our country and was too busy to give a statement the week of our historical flood in Louisiana, he found time in between tweeting Beyoncé and vacationing with Oprah to stand by Kaepernick. 'My understanding is that he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement,' said Obama who claims to be a constitutional lawyer. Either Obama is not a constitutional lawyer or he is an affirmative action constitutional lawyer. What Obama said is simply not consistent with the basic tenets upon which this nation was founded.

Here’s how it works. The First Amendment applies only to laws enacted by the Congress. Every 1-st year law student knows that. The First Amendment does not allow Congress to make laws prohibiting or restricting individuals or press to speak freely. But NFL is a private organization and as a private organization can fire employees for speech it disagrees with. Thus, Kaepernick can be fired and he should. Other people were fired so what are we waiting for? Boycott those games.

We all remember the Duck Dynasty who were fired from their TV show after making private comments in a private setting, criticizing legalization of an alternative marriage. We haven’t heard Obama defending the Duck Dynasty.

We heard about Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich forced to step after one employee bitterly complained, and the media echoed, over a six-year-old, $1,000 donation he made in support of a 2008 California ballot initiative to ban alternative marriage. Some Mozilla employees took to Twitter to call for his resignation. Mr. Eich invented JavaScript and helped start Mozilla in 1998; thus, giving good and well-paid employment to the ungrateful and entitled complainers. Obama did not remember about free speech in this case either.

'My suspicion is that over time he's [Kaepernick] going to refine how he thinks about it and maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point,' Obama, the so-called constitutional lawyer continued. 'That's how we move forward, sometimes it's messy but it's the way democracy works.' Obama could easily utter those wise words in defense of the Duck Dynasty or Eich, but he chose not to.

Obama’s call for national silence over Kaepernick’s behavior came as little surprise to those who pay attention to Obama’s divisive behavior.

Obama’s plea was backed by the media, as usual, who urged the people to comply with the president's request to be open minded and let Kaepernick exercise his non-existent right to free speech.

And it is our right not to watch the 49ers either.

September 06, 2016
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