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camouflage the famous abstract artist
Thought of the Day
Health care should be a right for every single man, woman and child in the United States of America,
said Bernie.
Hey you, Sanders-nistas:
Become doctors and nurses and work for free so I can have free health care! Tell Bernie. He can start volunteering at a local hospital cleaning after patients,

said Camouflage.
camouflage the famous abstract artist

ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT    ReinvEntion of arT
Radical Destabilization

With her photographs and art installations, Camouflage: the Famous American Abstract Artist, seeks to shake up viewers through optical stimulus, prompting them to reconsider the present and generate a system breakdown of sorts where new meanings can be rebuilt and refined.

War on Women


With their ridiculous ass-think pieces and radical, dehumanizing opinions, Vogue magazine is a war on women. Vogued will be presenting fashion inspired by the images of ass-think pieces from Vogue.

Check out our first look.

Tax the Rich!

Rev Up Your Engines and Tax the Rich!

Tax the Rich at 75% like they did in France!

Dear Progressive Citizen:

The Republican machine provides a plan for a new world based on tax cuts for the rich while our country spirals into unprecedented economic depression. Democrats need to present a vision that is clear and bold:

  • The rich have to pay their share;
  • Capitalism does not work.

Join Let the rich pay their share.




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Religious Nonsense

Gratiot Street in Detroit

"Discover why Jesus created you".

As you drive along Gratiot Street in Detroit, you are treated to the insights of some Christians.


“Rev Up Your Engines”
the Canadian Psycho, Jenifer Granholm, Votes for Obama

canadian psycho

Celebrate the golden era of Democratic Party's Conventions.

coming soon...


Are women "white man’s burden", too?
That’s what they believe in.

Bigoted Ideas

What is it exactly that stops women from inventing a cure for UTIs?

coming soon...


Coming soon...

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