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Vessel of God?

Ieshia Evans’ photo in Baton Rouge is staged

Ieshia Evans calls herself a "Vessel of God", while Daily News calls this picture “iconic”. We agree, Evans is a vessel of something, but is it God?

Ieshia Evans, 35, a black, presumably an unmarried mother of a five-year-old boy, travels all the way from New York to Baton Rouge (about 1000 miles) to bravely protests the police for killing of a convicted sex offender felon with a violent temper, who had six arrests for battery, two domestic violence charges, multiple illegal weapons charges, and who had fought with police over weapons before, black guy named Alton Sterling.

Alton Sterling (37), was threatening someone with a gun outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge where he was selling CDs. Instead of calling Black Lives Mater to deal with the situation, the call was made to city police. Then Alton Sterling was shot and killed by the police when he resisted arrest. The people had enough of the police killing thugs so the people took to streets, and Baton Rouge has become a flashpoint for protesters demanding justice for a criminal calling him an innocent victim of police brutality.

Ieshia Evans, a black, presumably an unmarried mother of a five-year-old boy, from New York, heard the cry of her people, so she packed her maxi backless dress with matching ballerina flats (you never know whom you may meet in the protest) and traveled to Baton Rouge to protest against the fascist police. When the police told the crowd to disperse and clear the road they were blocking, Ieshia Evans, stood there, alone. Others may follow police orders, but not me, she said to herself, “I’m the vessel of God”.

R. Alex Haynes, who said on Facebook he had known Ms. Evans since childhood, stated that Evans travelled to Baton Rouge “because she wanted to look her son in the eyes to tell him she fought for his freedom and rights,” and teach her son a valuable lesson: when police says something you do the opposite, because police are “pigs”.

Ieshia Evans, 35, was booked on a charge of simple obstruction of a highway and had been released and then she became famous and a hero. Owned by the 1% Daily News, calls the picture of Evans before arrest “iconic”. So let’s look at the picture.

Ieshia Evans’ photo in Baton Rouge is staged

Don’t you just love this picture? Ah, the aesthetics of it. The composition and how it tells the fake story. She stands calm in a rehearsed pose. Her sexy, backless dress flowing. Her, matching the print of the dress, ballerinas add to style. She is peaceful and non-threatening. She is coached. Then you have the line of police just behind her in full riot gear. What a very powerful and beautiful picture, low-information people said.

The author of this picture is a freelance photographer, Jonathan Bachman, who somehow managed to be about a step away from the “action”. It’s clear that she was handpicked and coached. Is it a work of Bachman looking for a full-time job, or is she a plant of the “white” billionaires who sponsor BLM, perhaps we will find out in the future.

As a photographer, I can tell you that pictures like this one don’t happen on their own. All pictures on Daily Mail in their “femail” column, where you see Hollywood low-life, named “celebrity” doing nothing, are staged to look natural. Oh, here’s the Hollywood low-life walking; or here she’s talking. It’s all staged. Those few, which are not, are few and between.

Unfortunately, photographer Jonathan Bachman was nowhere to find where the agitators were throwing bricks, concrete, and fireworks at the police...hence the need to wear riot gear. Showing agitators attacking the police would tamper with the “beauty“ of the moment - right? And how that flowing dress and ballerinas survived the violent crowd is another miracle of god.

After winning with the fascist American “pigs” police, as the BLM calls them, Ieshia Evans‘ next step is to take on ISIS and progressive mass-murderer Fidel Castro. She is now “a vessel of God” as she told us. She will be wearing a different dress for the next photo opportunity in Cuba. However, those who protest against Castro in progressive Cuba are jailed for life not for overnight.

If you want to see a true un-staged and iconic photo, you must see the photo of Dylan Smith - the young Police Officer shielding the photographer.

July 13, 2016
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