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Nonprofit Corruption

Michigan Community Resources Executive Arrested After Years Of Stealing From the Fund for The Poor

In one of the most deplorable cases of embezzlement in recent history, Dalton Roberson Jr., 42, the son of a prominent former Wayne County judge, and his wife, Jakeema Roberson, 41, were caught diverting large sums of money from the fund for the poor.

The couple opened bank accounts for several nonexistent nonprofit organizations between 2012 and 2014. Funds from MCR were placed into these fraudulent accounts.

In 2007, Free Press prominently featured Dalton and Jakeema Roberson in a story about fixing Detroit’s neighborhoods. Free press proclaimed, “Detroit can’t afford to lose this couple” and went ahead to promote the couple as Black young professionals who were committed to Detroit but were also concerned about quality of life in a city: the struggling schools and too few retail options in the neighborhood.

Dalton Roberson Jr. is also the brother of Portia Roberson, who is an appointee of Mayor Mike Duggan and serves as the city’s group executive for Human Rights. She also served as corporation counsel under former Mayor Dave Bing in 2013.

Michigan Community Resources is a group that provides legal assistance and other support services to nonprofit community groups that serve low-income individuals and communities.

Dalton Roberson Jr. who in 2009 ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Detroit City Council, contemplates a switch from the nonprofit section and concentrate his career in corruption in the private sector. He has a lot to offer the corporate world, such as money laundering and influence-peddling.

September 15, 2016
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