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People behind #OscarsSoWhite are racists!
Photo credit : racist Marie Claire magazine.

The spoiled Hollywood and ignorant millionaires behind “Oscars so white” are an example of a deep-seated cultural malady, racism.

They state that everyone with white skin is “White.”

Not so.

Oscars so white was aimed at people who look like me, but are not “White”.

As to the Oscars so White issue, I didn’t see any Ethnic Eastern Europeans there, did you? According to American racists, Kate Winslet who is English, represents everyone from Eastern Europe.

Cultural scene opportunities for Eastern Europeans : #oscarssowhite
I didn't see any Slavs at Oscars, did you?
There are plenty of Black and Latino performers, who are among the richest in America. Where are my people?
* Kate Winslet doesn’t represent us.
* Kate Winslet is English.
* Kate Winslet represents the English.

Sadly, this is precisely the mentality adopted by majority of the members of this society that creates problems.

In this country, the term 'White' or 'Caucasian' is used to describe a number of races  and ethnic groups that have nothing in common, as if they were one, homozygous people. This label is non-specific and greatly misleading.

March 31, 2016
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