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The Tonys has just showed Everybody how Diversity should NOT be done
Photo credit : racist Marie Claire magazine.

#TonysSoNoDiverse is trending.

In the year of racist #OscarsSoWhite now we have racist #TonysSoDiverse.

The racist Marie Claire magazine writes, “the Tonys responded by honoring four actors of color with major performance awards.”

Do you see four actors of color or do you see four Black actors? And where are the Slavs at the Tonys? Nowhere to find. I guess, we don’t exist.

It so sad, that James Corden said in his opening monologue, "Think of tonight as the Oscars, but with diversity." Yet, there was no diversity. Do Black people represent all people of color?

What the feedback that we got from the Tonys awards says about racism must be determined by an honest appraisal of the real conditions on the ground in America, not for the four Black performers, but for millions of ethnic Eastern Europeans who have no voice in this country.

June 19, 2016
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