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Tax the Rich
by Camouflage - the Famous American Abstract Artist
March, 2018

Rev Up Your Engines and Tax the Rich!

Tax the rich at 75% like they did in France!

tax Gwyneth Paltrow

Dear Progressive Citizen:
The Republican machine provides a plan for a new world based on tax cuts for the rich while our country spirals into unprecedented economic depression. Democrats need to present a vision that is clear and bold:

We live in America were the gulf between the rich and poor is grotesque and where the hard work is not rewarded. Take Democrat Arianna Huffington, for example. Why is she earning more than a doctor?

Capitalism's destructive power, where the rich pump profits out the labor of working people, has grown exponentially compared to a century ago. Unless restrained and eventually dismantled, this power is capable of doing irreversible damage to our planet.

The election of Barack Obama was a blow to the evil Republicans, but the Republicans still retain considerable power and initiative to frame the debate and disrupt the legislative and political agenda.

And although Republicans are flush with cash as bracing for the next election term, we, Democrats, have always had a victory plan. Watch this inspiring video.

Cap on corporate profits is what we need. Hollywood is a corporation. Let's tax Hollywood Democrats.

And although Republicans are flush with cash as bracing for the next election term, we, the Democrats, have always had a victory plan. - see the above video.

However, the Democratic Party’s willingness to eliminate corporate profits is not going far enough. To be truly the country for its people, we have to tax the rich. Let us take the bold example from Michael Moore's favorite country, Canada: mortgage interest is not deductible from taxes and pensions are taxed as income.

The previous Conservative government took a step back and lowered the tax limit on the rich in Canada. Those in the $10,823 - $45,282 bracket pay 15% taxes and those who are in the $45,282 - $90,563 range pay paltry 20.5%. The very rich, those who earn $90,563 - $140,388 pay minisculine 29%. The super rich, those who earn $140,388 - $200,000 pay laughable 29%. And the ultra-rich, those how earn more than $200K pay ridiculously low rate of only 33%. In addition, there is low 14% sales tax on everything except milk and basic food products.

Now you know why Chelsea Chandler, Stephen King and Barbra Streisand wanted to move to Canada.

A better and peaceful world is possible; a world where people and nature come before profits. That's socialism. That's our vision. To realize our humanity, we must struggle against capitalist exploitation and the capitalist system. That's why we demand combined Canadian and French socialist tax rate:

  New Tax Proposal   
$0 - $6,600 $6,600 - $29,590 $29,591 - $59,180 $59,181 - $100,000 $100,001 - 240,500 240,501 - 999,500
0% 18% 28% 35% 40% 60%

Let's tax everything over $999,501 at 75%.
Let's tax Hollywood incomes at 75%.

Let's build a new nation where community, caring and compassion are not just empty leftist slogans, but reality.

You, the rich Democrats, have the responsibility to build communities, to weave a social fabric that sustains the weak, care for the young and nurture those who are seniors. You, the rich Democrats, must follow the moral principle of great Democrat FDR who declared that the test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

In the USA, those who have too little should be those who receive $6,600 annually. Everybody else, including pensioners, in the spirit of cooperation and compassion must provide for those who have too little.

Support our presidential candidate Hilary Clinton

Close your eyes to the fact that our presidential candidate is invested in China and Cayman Islands. Like our great leader Barack Obama, she promised change. Perhaps she will change in her next term. We have to have hope.

Dear Democrats:

Lift people from poverty.
Voluntary tax your income at 75%.
Pay your taxes now!

Coming soon: See the names of rich Democrats who should pay 75% taxes on their million dollar incomes.

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