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camouflage the famous abstract artist
by Camouflage - the Famous American Abstract Artist
March, 2018

There are endless ways to photograph women. Flattering comes to mind.

Fashion magazines present the most idiotic poses accompanied by similar idiotic writing. Most of those poses are dehumanizing, showing women as freaks. As freaks they are, we dare to ask?

They call it “progressive”. We call it a "war on women". Vouge magazine is the leader of the pack.

So let’s get vogued.

Here, at Reinvention of Art, just like at other fashion magazines, we are seeking out and celebrating those who choose to see the world in progressive and inclusive ways, and who aren’t afraid to speak up and speak out for what they believe in. That’s certainly true for Camouflage, the Famous American Abstract Artist whose willingness to be open about her career, her fame and her life makes her a star right for our time.

Camouflage: the Famous American Abstract Artist wears a Xoxo jumper in olive. To get this look, try: silver-black lipstick.
Produced by Photographed at the Corridor in Detroit.

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